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14 February 2020

Reduced Migration and its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

The lower migration rate has profound immediate and long-term impacts on the domestic economy and commercial real estate. Read more >

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
03 February 2020

The Decline of Traditional Retail and its Impact on Commercial Real Estate

With the exponential growth of online retail, find out what bricks & mortar businesses can do to encourage continuing foot traffic. Read more >

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
20 January 2020

A-REITs Snapshot – Where to Find Value Right Now

An Australian real estate investment trust (A-REIT) is a company that owns and (generally) operates a portfolio of income-producing real estate. Here’s where to find value!

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
15 November 2019

Uncertainty with Hong Kong unrest makes Sydney Property more attractive to investors

The turmoil in Hong Kong is having an impact in Sydney’s commercial property market.

Author: William Shen  TGC News
31 October 2019

The Hidden Architecture of Sydney

There are many hidden architectural wonders around Sydney that have evolved over time. The city is a multilayered fusion of past, present and future.

Author: TGC Writer  Lifestyle
04 October 2019

Potential Fire Risk with External Cladding

Do you know if your building’s external cladding is combustible or non combustible? Check out this risk mitigation guide for commercial building owners and investors. Find out if you’re at risk.

Author: Stephen Cooper  Commercial
27 September 2019

Sydney Restaurant Trends

In person dining is strong in the Sydney market. Some contributing factors are increased tourism and the steady decline of food ordering apps.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
19 September 2019

Sydney Transport Infrastructure Update

How the transportation projects are changing the landscape in Sydney – effecting commuting, businesses and liveability.

Author: TGC Writer  Lifestyle