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22 June 2020

Commercial Property Recap for Sydney CBD: Sales & Leasing After COVID-19

After isolation, working from home & the closure of many businesses, here’s how the future of the Sydney CBD commercial property market might take shape. Read more >

Author: William Shen  Commercial
05 June 2020

Promoting in a Pandemic – Our Expert Tips for Vendors & Landlords

Landlords & vendors should see post-COVID as the chance to be bold & experiment. Now we can review what was ‘normal’ and ask what can be done better. Read more >

Author: Hamish Henderson  Commercial
27 May 2020

Economising in COVID – 4 Ways for Sydney Commercial Tenants to Save

As we find ways to get savvy about our businesses post-COVID, here are 4 key ways that tenant businesses in the CBD could be saving money – learn more.

Author: Adam Hennessy  Commercial
25 May 2020

The Nuts & Bolts of our New Normal: Returning to Work after COVID-19

As we emerge from isolation limbo, we again find ourselves implementing sweeping adaptations to make day-to-day business possible. Here’s what you can do.

Author: Hamish Mackay  Commercial
20 April 2020

Remaining Connected During the Coronavirus and Working from Home

COVID-19 continues to change the way we live, work and play. Learn our tips for working from home & how to remain connected throughout the isolation period.

Author: TGC Writer  Lifestyle
10 April 2020

The Coronavirus Crunch and REITs

The coronavirus has majorly impacted Australian real estate investment trusts (REITs). The largest REITs are included on the ASX200 REIT Index, the value of which has fallen over 45% since mid-February. Read more.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
31 March 2020

The Australian Government Stimulus and its Impacts on Landlords

Australia is facing its sharpest recession since the Great Depression because of the impacts of the coronavirus. The current total stimulus commitment totals $189 billion (9.7% of annual GDP). It is Australia’s largest ever fiscal stimulus (more than triple the GFC injection). It will help all parts of the economy but landlords may be required to lend a helping hand.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
11 March 2020

Coronavirus – The Impact on Commercial Property and Global Business

It is crucial for landlords to understand how COVID-19 impacts global trade and business, which is now more interconnected than ever before. Learn more.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial