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04 October 2019

Potential Fire Risk with External Cladding

Do you know if your building’s external cladding is combustible or non combustible? Check out this risk mitigation guide for commercial building owners and investors. Find out if you’re at risk.

Author: Stephen Cooper  Commercial
27 September 2019

Sydney Restaurant Trends

In person dining is strong in the Sydney market. Some contributing factors are increased tourism and the steady decline of food ordering apps.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
19 September 2019

Sydney Transport Infrastructure Update

How the transportation projects are changing the landscape in Sydney – effecting commuting, businesses and liveability.

Author: TGC Writer  Lifestyle
13 September 2019

The Impact of Falling Interest Rates on Commercial Real Estate

How are low interest rates influencing investments, especially in commercial real estate.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
05 September 2019

Sustainable Offices & Buildings are the Future

With the continuing debate over sustainability, we should be thinking about the built spaces around us. How are they built, maintained and their overall carbon footprint. Australia has one of the top sustainable building markets in the world. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top sustainable offices and landmarks in Sydney.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
22 August 2019

Cut Through the Jargon: Commercial Real Estate 101

Ever wonder what a fit-out or a make good is in the world of real estate?
We provide an alphabetical listing of some common commercial property terms that you’re likely to come across and what they mean so you can cut through the commercial jargon jungle!

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial
08 August 2019

To Buy or Lease Commercial Property? Here’s What to Consider

An important decision that business owners need to make is whether to buy or to lease commercial property. The answer is far from black and white.

Author: Eric Lundberg  Commercial
31 July 2019

What is A Good Rental Yield & How to Calculate It

Everything you need to know about commercial rental yield and how to calculate it.

Author: TGC Writer  Commercial