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30 October 2017


We recently published an article detailing 12 ways that technology is changing how we work. In it, we had the opportunity to discuss VR visualisations with Ineni’s Project Director, Chris Heard.

We included excerpts in our main article, but found our chat so interesting we wanted to publish the whole thing!

TGC: Who are the VR visualisations created for and what is the general feedback you receive?

Chris: Depending on the requirements of a specific project, our VR visualisations might be produced for a developer to help sell investors on the viability of a development, or it could be made for the change management team at a big company, to aid the transition process into a new building or workplace.

Part of the flexibility of what we do is that we can produce targeted experiences that engage specific people in useful ways. Some other examples include visualising an apartment off a plan before it has been built, enabling a potential buyer to walk through and customise the space before they ultimately purchase, or providing a clear way to communicate design options and concepts to stakeholders before they are built.

Using the technology like this creates a personal connection with the space, as well as minimising risk and misunderstandings that are often present when non-technical stakeholders (i.e. a CEO, or a potential home buyer) are presented with a set of architectural plans.

Typically, users are blown away by just how convincing the virtual spaces are. There are a lot of comments of “when do I get to shoot the stormtroopers” (or some other suitably mainstream video game-esque reference). But most of the feedback we receive is that it becomes a really useful tool to communicate complex ideas concisely.

TGC: The use of VR in the gaming industry has been well publicised. Are you starting to see increased demand from other industries?

Chris: Certainly, as the technology continues to evolve, and get mentioned in headlines related to gaming, more and more people in the corporate world are becoming aware of it. Everybody is always looking for ways to innovate, and things that will put them ahead of their competitors, and VR is one of the best ways to be doing that right now.

I think more and more industries are exploring the potential of VR to revolutionise the way they do things; Medical companies and hospitals, for example, are looking into how VR could be used for more productive training, without requiring access to a body for surgery.

We’re also working with companies to see how we can bring staff members together from different geographic locations and foster collaboration on various building projects, or even just on a more engaging method of doing a conference call or similar.

Currently, we’ve had people from New York and Sydney walk through a new development together; commenting on features in real time. This kind of collaboration just wasn’t available to us even 5 years ago, so I’m excited to see how it transforms the way we work.

TGC: Do you think VR has the potential to stop the construction of buildings as much as it has the potential to expedite their creation?

Chris: I think more likely is that critical design elements of a development may be changed based on viewing in VR, instead of being outright cancelled. Currently, it’s unlikely that a development would be outright approved or denied based on a visualisation – as there is a lot more going on behind the scenes when seeking approval.

However, certainly, as the cost continues to come down and VR technology gets used earlier on in the development lifecycle, there is a chance that it could sway a decision to proceed one way or another.

Read the full blog, looking at 12 ways that technology is changing how we work.

Date: 30 October 2017 Author: TGC Writer
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