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29 October 2018


Whether you’re relocating to new commercial space or simply improving your existing premises, a commercial fit-out can be a headache. Follow our top four tips for a stress-free project:

1. Timing

Timing is critical when it comes to planning a fit out. So, before you decide on a move in date consider:

  • the fit-out period
  • external approval processes
  • certification works
  • communication services
  • long lead time items (like custom-made joinery)

Be sure to give yourself some extra breathing space in case there are unexpected delays – such as furniture stuck on shipping containers due to industrial action – and talk to all stakeholders in the project to make sure all time constraints are considered before starting works.

Extra tip: Try scheduling the fit-out of your new space during the rent-free period in your lease.

2. Budget

A comprehensive budget is vitally important for any commercial fit-out.  

So, when finalising your plans, make sure you have allowed for the cost of all items (not just the new furniture). Consider:

  • Certification costs
  • IT moving costs
  • Relocation costs
  • Signage
  • Make good of your existing lease (which is often forgotten and can become a considerable expense later on).

Make sure to set aside a small contingency amount to cover delays or anything unexpected. Go over the fit-out budget with your contractor and ask for a detailed breakdown of high-cost items.

Extra tip: Control your budget, make it a priority, keep things realistic and work within your boundaries.

Shipping containers for an office relocation

3. Planning

Work closely with your property team when planning for relocation or fit-out.

Set up a ‘relocation committee’ that includes staff member representatives that can work alongside the Executive Committee.

Also, when planning your new environment, allow for your future requirements or expansion objectives. Think about how your business will evolve in the new environment and whether the new space and fit out will be able to accommodate your plans.

Here are a couple of questions to start you thinking:

  • Are there plans for expansion?  
  • Will the new space be able to provide for more employees, stock, presentation areas, meeting spaces etc?  

A well planned fit out, along with a coordinated team and professional fit-out company will make an incredible difference to your day-to-day business operations and the overall success of your project.

Extra tip: Start a countdown to your relocation or commercial fit-out. This is a great way to engage staff and allows you to highlight items that require more attention (such as file audits, storage clean outs and sales of old stock).

4. Contractors

Do not attempt to manage the entire project without professional help.  

Creating a professional looking workplace requires a lot of planning. And so, with everyone busy running a business, it’s best to engage a fit-out specialist who can design and fit-out your space while keeping you abreast of progress during the project.

What’s more, no matter how experienced a project manager is, they can always benefit from external advice. Professionals with the right blend of skills for your requirements will prove invaluable. And utilising them will ensure that your final fit-out is balanced – that is, it is designed to suit the way you work, meet compliance and regulatory requirements and will help increase productivity and staff satisfaction.

Speak to the right company, the one with experience in your required field. And remember that not all contractors are equal. Opt for a company that listens to your requirements, works with you and guides you through each step of the commercial fit-out process.

Extra tip: To avoid costly mistakes, contact Kingsman Management Group today for a no-obligation quote. We can manage any part of the renovation/relocation project and take the pain and stress out of the process for you!

Two contractors at work making furniture for the new office commercial fit-out

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Date: 29 October 2018 Author: James Kingsman
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Guest Author, James Kingsman, is a highly skilled corporate office and retail fit-out specialist with extensive experience in the Finance and Heritage sectors. James' capabilities include strategic property design and fit-outs, contractor management, project budget and forecasting, relocation and project management.

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