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05 September 2019

Sustainable Offices & Buildings are the Future

With the increase in client and market demand as well as environmental regulations, property developers and infrastructure companies have caught onto the green building trend.

As more commercial office spaces and projects achieve certification from organisations that provide construction environment ratings such as NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) and the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA), the commercial property industry is pushing Australia into the international forefront for sustainability.

According to the latest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) results, for eight consecutive years Australia and New Zealand outperformed other regions. Reaching an impressive GRESB score of 76, Australia is well above the global average of 68.

On a local scale, Sydney has been ranked third in the world by the International Green
Building Adoption Index
. The study reported that the city’s “green” office square footage has increased from less than one percent in 2006 to more than 46% in 2018.

Sydney’s Top 5 Green Buildings

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top sustainable office landmarks. There’s the old and redeveloped as well as the new. All with their innovative approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance – the benchmarks for sustainability.


5. Circular Quay Tower
Number five on our list is still in construction but is full of promise and potential for sustainability excellence! Due for completion by the end of 2021 and towering at 263 metres with 55 levels, Circular Quay Tower is set to be Sydney’s tallest. Simultaneously, its services and infrastructure will all be focused on making it as green as possible with developers targeting a six Green Star rating. Quality of air with lighting and the most advanced LED technology are all considered in the design stages. A bike hub will also be implemented, encouraging people to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. We can’t wait to see the end (and green!) outcome.


Liberty Place Sydney

4. Liberty Place
Despite its conception during the Global Financial Crisis, Liberty Place has reaped its
rewards in national excellence for sustainable development
. Compromising of three premium grade office towers – ANZ Tower, Legion House and 161 Castlereagh St., 98% of construction waste was recycled rather than ending up as fill. All premises have achieved 6 Green Star ratings with key sustainability initiatives such as a trigeneration system that provides electricity, heating and cooling for the air conditioning as well as chilled water and heated water. Its high performing façade maximises access to natural light while retaining the special shading effect of darker glass. No need to wear a jumper in the middle of summer in a chilly office. There’s guaranteed room temperature comfort throughout the year.


Darling Quarter

3. Darling Quarter Commonwealth Bank Place
Formerly known as Darling Walk, Commonwealth Bank Place is a dynamic campus style
office environment
. Not only housing 6,500 staff, the premises feature a 3,000 sqm retail terrace, a spectacular children’s playground, youth theatre, an interactive digital façade and community green. The open plan design, generates 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than an average commercial office building. Thanks to the rainwater harvesting and re-use system, drinking water consumption is only at 20%. Such changes are equivalent to taking 680 cars off the road and saving 13 Olympic swimming pools of water each year!


133 Castlereagh Street

2. 133 Castlereagh St
Completed in 2007, this commercial property was awarded the first Six Green Star for
Office Interior in Australia and was also celebrated as the hundredth Green Star certified project
. Starting as an outdated 31 storey high-rise built in the 1980’s, the transformation included an eight storey fit-out. The refurbishment included a staggered void and interconnecting staircase feature, maximising views between floors and creating a relaxed treehouse effect. The updated workplace also saw a 200% improvement of outside air rate. Who needs a desk when you can work in a beautiful forest?



1. Barangaroo South
The number one position isn’t reserved for one particular building but an entire precinct!
Barangaroo South is leading the way as a sustainable inner-city business hub. Sydney’s largest urban renewal project since 2000 Olympics, Barangaroo South is targeted to become Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community. The high-rise premium grade office buildings of International Towers Sydney occupy a collective 280,000 sqm of office space and all three skyscrapers offer Six Green Star ratings. The modern workspaces include features such as higher than industry average ceilings that provide abundant light and a sense of space and inter-connecting floors and huddled zones for flexibility and encouraging interaction. Designed to accommodate 23,000 workers, Barangaroo South is setting the bar for a transparent and collaborative working environment.

Property stakeholders are not only seeking financial objectives through sustainability initiatives but acknowledge the sense of community and wellbeing that a green urban lifestyle provides.

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Date: 05 September 2019 Author: TGC Writer
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