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19 September 2019

Sydney Transport Infrastructure Update

Sydney has invested heavily in their transport infrastructure over the last few years. These essential upgrades and additions to the transport network have created jobs, but will these projects support our rapidly growing city?

The NSW population is projected to surpass 9 million by 2027 (ABS), with Sydney absorbing most of the increase. The NSW government outlined their concerns in the state infrastructure strategy 2018-2038 that Sydney may have reached “a point of inflection” where continued increases in congestion will result in significant reduction in quality of life. Consequently, this will effect the city’s global competitiveness.

Sydney Light Rail

Sydney Light Rail

The multi-billion dollar light rail project has resulted in a significant drop in motorists driving into the CBD. The number of motorists has fallen by an average of 8 per cent since 2015. Road closures have significantly changed motorists’ habits and the council has proposed to keep several roads closed. These closures will help the construction of key new cycleways and the continued expansion of pedestrian-friendly sections of the city. Premier Berejiklian believes that these developments and the improved pedestrian safety will enhance Sydney’s nightlife.

Sydney Light Rail Delays

Several businesses and residents have suffered as a result of the often prolonged and delayed construction. The Public Accountability Committee in their report noted the line from Circular Quay to Randwick and Kingsford has proven to be particularly disruptive. Randwick City Council emphasised the significant financial strain on small businesses with several being forced to close. The disruption to foot traffic and uncertainty and delays surrounding completion times have proven particularly tough for businesses. Consequently, the NSW government has offered 154 businesses affected by the light rail construction a total of $31 million in compensation.


Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro

It is expected that around 60 percent of Sydney’s population will work in the Global Economic Corridor spanning from Macquarie Park, through the CBD and on to Sydney Airport. The new metro network has been designed to support the expected increase in volume of commuters along these routes.

Sydney’s metro network will have a capacity of 40,000 people per hour, almost double the current number. It has already proven to be more efficient, cost effective, pleasant and stress-free for riders. The metro will be important in supporting and improving access to the extra 840, 000 jobs and 680,000 new homes expected by 2036. These combined benefits will improve the quality of life by bringing communities closer together.

Sydney Population Growth Projections

It will be interesting to see how these projects transform communities in the years to come.

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