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05 November 2018


If you’ve ever watched Ricky Gervais’ iconic mockumentary, The Office, you’ll appreciate some of the different office personality types that you may come across as a white-collar worker.

While the show was only meant as a satirical take on everyday experiences of the workplace, people may find themselves cringing at the impossible similarities that some of the characters have with their own work colleagues.

Most offices are usually an eclectic mix of some of the following office personality types. Do you recognise any of them?

Different office personalities types in an office, all chatting together

The Perfectionist

That person who just has to wash up any dirty dishes or cutlery that any of their colleagues leave out. Afterwards, they’ll probably send out an all-office email to make sure everyone knows they’ve done it.

The Slob

The opposite of the perfectionist. They leave their mess in the office kitchen for the perfectionist to clean up. They probably do it at home too.

The Note-leaver

Nearly every office has one. They leave passive-aggressive notes on the fridge, the microwave, by the sink, in the bathroom. They never show their face or leave their name, but you know they’re always watching.

The Career Climber

That person who knows who everybody reports to in the office hierarchy and who they need to impress to get a promotion. They often won’t give other people the time of day, in fact, they probably don’t even know your name.

The Worker-bee

Someone who just gets in and gets the job done without any fuss. They’re out the door right on 5.

The Workaholic

Not to be confused with the worker-bee, their job is their life. They’re the first to get there and the last to leave, and often aren’t good at delegating. Work is all they want to talk about, so don’t get stuck having lunch with them.

A man hard at work writing in his notebook with his laptop open

The Cheerleader

They are universally liked because they’re always positive and upbeat. They are also universally disliked on a Monday morning.

The Chatterbox

Someone who doesn’t have an ‘off’ button and no understanding of when others are busy or just not interested in chatting. The chatterbox often does so much talking that nobody even has a chance to process what’s being said. Beware of engaging them in conversation – they may never let you leave!

The Big-noter

That person who just has to make sure everyone knows about what’s going on in their lives and any achievements they’ve made.  

The Joker

The class clown and someone who can pretty much make anyone laugh. If you go on holidays for a week, they’ll probably cover your desk and belongings in alfoil.

The Buck-passer

They always sidestep work and responsibility. You’re not even really sure what they actually do each day at work.

The Multi-tasker

Someone who can calmly keep all the balls in the air, even under pressure.

The Micromanager

That boss who simply won’t leave you alone to get on with it. Their favourite thing to do is hover over your shoulder and make comments while you work.

A micromanager hovering over an employees laptop, pointing at their laptop screen

The Meme-er

All they seem to do each day is send out all-office memes. It was funny the first time, but this is the 7th meme this morning.

The Over-eager Employee

That person who shows up at your desk as soon as they send you an email. They’ll ask you “Did you read my email?” You definitely have not.

Date: 05 November 2018 Author: TGC Writer
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