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02 January 2019

Six Simple Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Lunch Break!

Warm weather, festivities and a few extra hours of sunlight make summer a favourite time of the year for most people.

However, the sad reality is that most office workers spend about 90 per cent of their days indoors. In fact, it’s even become the norm to skip a lunch break, with one study showing that nearly four million Australian workers miss out on their lunch break regularly.

Don’t let this be you.

Working through lunch can have unintended consequences – your productivity, creativity and communication may suffer. So, follow these six simple ways to make the most out of your office lunch break this summer.

1) Enjoy a workout

Crystal clear swimming pool

Summer is the ideal time of the year to get outdoors, get some sun and get in shape. So, why not sneak in a workout during your lunch break?

Exercising during your lunch break can be a great way to switch off, boost your mood and improve your afternoon productivity.

You could head to the gym, take a midday walk, go for a dip at one of Sydney’s stunning outdoor pools or hit a local park for a peaceful jog. You might even be lucky enough to work near one of Sydney’s amazing beaches so you can take a midday dip!

If you work in the city, check out these 9-free workout spots in and around Sydney CBD for some great exercise ideas!

2) Catch up with friends

Summer lunch in the sun

Your lunch break is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with friends.

Get organising and plan a lunch date – head up to one of Sydney’s rooftop garden bars, soak up the sun and, if you’re lucky, enjoy top-notch views of the gorgeous city skyline. You could even organise a picnic at a local park – the perfect way to enjoy a summer’s day!

3) Go for ice-cream

Icecream on orange background

Seriously, what’s better than ice cream on a warm summer’s day?

Hit up a popular gelato bar like Messina for a freshly churned, frosty treat. You could also use the opportunity as a shameless ploy to bump up your office popularity by bringing some back to your teammates.

4) Unplug

Man reading a book in the park

Leave your mobile phone in the office and take a lunchtime detox – kick off your shoes and read a book in Hyde Park, or take a short nap under a shady tree by the harbour. After all, a lunch break should be a real break from work, not just a change of scenery.

Need help unplugging for a holiday? Follow these great tips to help you switch off.

5) Move your meetings outdoors

Two workers having an outdoor meeting

There’s nothing worse than spending a lovely summer’s day in a stuffy conference room.

If you can’t get out for lunch, try holding your meetings outside or change up the pace by adopting walking meetings. It can be an easy way to enjoy the balmy weather without taking a break from the job.

6) Explore the area

A person walking around Sydney Harbour in the summer

How much do you really know about the area you work in? Chances are, you go to work each day and head straight home afterwards.

Why not use some of your lunch break to explore?

Go for a short walk each day and who knows what you might find – a quiet park, an amazing coffee spot, a busy wine bar. Not only will you get to know your way around, you’ll also go back to work feeling refreshed after some light exercise.

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Date: 02 January 2019 Author: Jenna Kazokas
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