Property Management

2 minutes with Dimitri Nikolakopoulos

Facilities Manager

Role at TGC

Dimitri is part of the Property Management Team at TGC. As Facilities Manager, Dimitri is responsible for maintaining building services for a number of assets in the TGC portfolio.

With TGC since…


Professional history & Qualifications

Dimitri has extensive experience gained from working in the construction industry as a Surveyor, where he was involved in a number of high profile projects including World Square, the Eastern Distributor Tunnel and the Queen Victoria Building. He has also worked as an air-conditioning technician installing, repairing and maintaining split and ducted systems in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Previously, an owner of a small business, Dimitri has a strong customer relationship and business development background.

Dimitri holds a Diploma in Building and Land Surveying in certify buildings of all classes in the residential and commercial sectors.

Why Dimitri?

Dimitri is noted for his ability to work under pressure, as well as his strong relationships with both clients and tenants. His management experience and ability to work in fast-paced environments have given him the skills needed to proactively identify and resolve issues in any setting.

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