2 minutes with Geoffrey Rope

Business Development & Sales

Role at TGC

Geoffrey specialises in business development and sales for the TGC Residential team.

With TGC since…


Professional history & Qualifications

Geoffrey brings with him almost 40 years’ worth of experience in the building construction and real estate industries. As a business owner, he has worked with national retail organisations such as HSBC, HMV, Stockland and Westfield, to name a few. He has also worked closely with Australian Shopping Centres Pty Ltd on development and site acquisition projects.


Geoffrey’s extensive experience, including a number of years as a real estate agent, have given him a wealth of industry knowledge covering sales, marketing and project management.

Why Geoffrey?

Geoffrey is a people person and a natural born salesman. His keen eye for detail and focusing skills are welcome additions to the TGC residential team.

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